Personal trainer Michaela Simakova provides personal fitness training and weight loss guidance. Michaela works with men and women of all age groups and fitness ability levels on a one-to-one basis. You also have the option to train with a friend or partner, in which case you can enjoy the added support of a buddy as well as lower rates.

After an initial, in-depth assessment interview you will be guided through a personalized exercise plan including cardio exercise, strength training, balance training and pilates. You will utilize all kinds of equipment and training techniques to help you keep progressing for maximal results as quickly and safely as possible.

Training equipment can range from dumbbells, to bars, medicine balls, balance boards, foam rollers, flexi-bands, free weights, weight bencher/machines, body weight exercises in pilates style, spine correctors, pilates circles, exercise bikes and other weight training, fitness, cardiovascular, health equipment.

Prices: 1 session / 60 minutes

Prepaid sessions - you can prepay 10 sessions to get lower rates.

one-on-one training 400 czk
2 participants 500 czk (250 czk/per person)
3 participants 600 czk (200 czk/per person)
4 participants 700 czk (175 czk/per person)

Call or e-mail for more details:
775 557 718

Personal trainer: Mgr. Michaela Simakova


  • M. A. Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, Prague
  • Pilates Instructor Level I + II, MAT I - III and Ron Fletcher Towelwork (Sabongui Pilates Academy) 2010
  • Pilates Mat and Equipment Teacher Certification Program - 1st part (Kathy Corey Pilates) 2009
  • Masseur for sports and fitness massage (Vladimír Němeček) 2011
  • Fitness Instructor Pilates Method ( 2009
  • Personal Trainer (Trenérská škola Petra Stacha) 2008
  • Fitness Instructor (Trenérská škola Petra Stacha) 2008

Working experience abroad

  • 2008 - 2009 Killeline Leisure Centre, Ireland - position: Personal Trainer, Swimming and Aqua AerobicTeacher
  • 2007 - 2008 Askeaton Coral Leisure, Ireland - Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Swimming Teacher
  • 2006 - 2007 Bailieborough Leisure Centre, Ireland - Swimming Teacher and Coach

Achievements in sport

  • World and European Champion in Finswimming 2000,2001

Workshops and diploms

  • PILATES INSPIRATION - foam roller, magic circle, theraband,flowin® (IQ POHYB ACADEMY - VĚRA HAVLOVÁ) 2013
  • Pilates Inspiration Day Posture (Pilates Institute® - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2011
  • INSPIRATION DAY BOSU® (Face Czech Academy -Ing. Zuzana Švíková) 2010
  • BOSU®, Core Diplom (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2010
  • Pilates Anatomy (Pilates Institute® - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2010
  • Pilates for Low Back Pain and Dysfunction (Pilates on Tour - London, UK - Sherri R. Betz, PT, GCS) 2010
  • Pilates and Scoliosis (Pilates on Tour - London, UK - Alan Herdman) 2010
  • The Shoulder Girdle (Pilates on Tour - London, UK - Suzanne Scott) 2010
  • Mat on the Step Barrel (Pilates on Tour - London, UK - Valentin) 2010
  • Upping the Upper Body (Pilates on Tour - London, UK - Julian Littleford) 2010
  • Pilates Inspiration Day Search Time (Pilates Institute® - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2010
  • Pilates Inspiration Day Holiday Time (Pilates Institute® - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2010
  • Prenatal Pilates (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Ivana Brádková) 2010
  • Functional Anatomy (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Ivana Brádková) 2010
  • Modification in Pilates (Pilatebody - Mgr. Hana Císařová - Hofrichtrová) 2010
  • Core (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2009
  • BOSU®, Core Diplom (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Daniel Müller) 2009
  • BOSU®, Strenght Diplom (Face Czech Academy -Ing. Zuzana Švíková) 2009
  • BOSU®, in Fitness (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Zbyněk Petr) 2009
  • Functional Anatomy I. (Face Czech Academy - Mgr. Ivana Brádková) 2009